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When Can Bring Baby on a Plane?

When can take my baby on a plane? Is it safe for a baby to go on a plane? This question is often asked by new parents. Not only that, the worry that the baby will be more fussy or uncomfortable can also make Mom and Dad afraid to take the baby on a plane. So, to reduce these worries, read this article, come on!

If you have to travel by plane but can’t leave your little one who is still a baby, you don’t need to worry. Babies can go on planes, right? Some airlines even allow newborns to be brought on board, you know! However, there are things that need to be considered when you take your baby on a plane.

This is the ideal age for babies to get on a plane

Actually, there are no definite rules regarding when the best time to take a baby on a plane. Generally, whether or not a baby can board a plane depends on the age and health condition of the baby, as well as airline regulations.

However, traveling by plane is safe if the baby is in good health. Some doctors recommend waiting until the baby is 4–6 weeks old. However, some airlines have allowed babies to travel by air from the age of 2 days.

If your little one is born prematurely, don’t be in a hurry to take him on a plane, OK, Bun? New premature babies may travel by air at least 1–2 weeks after the expected due date, not the date when they were born.

Basically, babies have immature immune systems, so they are very susceptible to disease. In addition, your little one may not have had time to get all the vaccinations.

In addition, the aircraft has closed air circulation. This is feared to increase the risk of infection in infants, especially if someone else is sick on the plane. In addition, changes in air pressure when the plane is at a certain altitude can also make the baby’s ears hurt and make the baby fussy, or even have difficulty breathing.

Before taking their little ones on a plane, mothers are also advised to check their health condition with a doctor first. Some airlines even require parents to include a doctor’s letter stating that the baby is in good health to travel by air.

Tips for Bringing a Baby on a Plane

So that Mother and Little One can enjoy traveling on a plane comfortably, do the following tips:

  • Choose a flight schedule that is comfortable for your little one according to his sleeping hours. That way, your little one can sleep peacefully on the plane.
  • Order a special extra seat for babies, especially if your little one is old enough.
  • Wear comfortable clothes for your little one and cover him during the trip if the plane temperature is cold enough.
  • Put your little one’s equipment in one bag, such as a change of clothes, diapers, wet and dry wipes, blankets or pads, baby pacifiers, and medicines to make it easier for Mother to find them. Bring the bag with Mother into the airplane cabin.
  • Pick up and take your little one for a walk along the aisle when the seat belt can be removed and conditions permit.
  • Breastfeed your little one or give a snack during takeoff or landing, so that your little one’s ears don’t hurt due to changes in air pressure on the plane.
  • Bring toys or books for your little one to play so he doesn’t get bored quickly.

While on the plane, holding your little one on your lap will make it easier for you to calm him down or invite him to play. In addition, Mother can also save on the cost of one airplane seat.

However, keeping your little one on your lap all the time on an airplane is not recommended. This can be dangerous if turbulence or an emergency landing causes your little one to fall off his lap. So, the Mother should order one more seat for her Little One, but first, ensure the airline’s policy regarding this matter.

Babies can just go on a plane, but first, make sure with the doctor that your little one’s health condition is healthy to travel by air. If it is not recommended, the Mother can choose another type of transportation that is suitable for her Little One.


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