6 signs of oral cancer you can identify

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Telltale signs of lesions in the mouth dentists look for as early signs of malignancy.

There is no such definitive test for oral cancer, diagnoses are made via biopsy. 

6 signs of oral cancer you can identify


Any red velvety patch in the mouth without an apparent cause needs urgent investigation.


Many mouth lesions can occour symmetrically. Clinicians are more concerned if a lesion is asymmetric and / or irregular.


This is essentially rubbery texture. We are more concerned about anything that isn’t fluctuating. 

Nodal Involvement 

Generally, tender and slightly swollen lymph nodes indicate an infection. You may have noticed this when you’re feeling run down.


Many malignant and premalignant oral lesions are speckled, a mixture of red and white.


It is common for cancerous and precancerous lesions to be painless. 

If an ulcer or lesion does not show signs of improvement after two weeks, it is considered chronic and should be inspected.

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