Healthy French Fry

Potatoes consist mainly of starch, and it does break down quickly into sugar in the body and may increase the sugar in diabetics and everyone.

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Besides starch, potatoes have vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, potassium and phytochemicals. 

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A potato or a bun?

Compared to white flour, potato with skin is a whole food, so it is recommended to choose it as a substitute instead of white rice, flakes, pasta, white bread, and friends.

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5 potatoes

1 sweet potato

teaspoon coarse salt

2 tablespoons olive oil or canola oil

2 tablespoons water 1

1/4 teaspoon pepper

1 teaspoon paprika









What to do ?

1. Cut the potatoes and sweet potato into cubes/sticks or slices – no need to peel them. 2. Mix the oil and spices in a saucer. 

What to do ?

3. Pour the oil mixture over the vegetables and toss together until all the pieces are well covered. 4. Put in the oven on high heat to bake for about an hour until brown.

There are about 6 dishes that can be combined into a full meal with a portion of protein and vegetables. 

What we get ?

Each serving has about 200 calories, 3 grams of protein, 38 grams of carbohydrates (equal to 2 servings of carbohydrates), and 3 grams of fat.

What we get ?