How many hours of sleep at night?

How many hours of sleep helpful at night?

How many hours of sleep you have? Who are you, those who like to curl up under the blanket for many hours or those who are sure that every minute of sleep is a waste of time? In any case, you should reset! The experts of the US Sleep Association published a document with recommendations on how many hours you should sleep at any age for better health.

Experts from the US National Sleep Association compiled a document in which they specified the recommended hours of sleep per night divided into 9 age categories.

“The public can be sure that these recommendations are the best when it comes to sleep duration and optimal health.”

Studies have found a connection between too few or too many hours of sleep in adults, and the risk of suffering from serious health problems.

hours of sleep

According to estimates, the average person spends a third of his life sleeping . But what is the magic number of hours of sleep each of us needs for better health?

Experts from the National Sleep Association of the USA lifted the pillow, and compiled a list of the recommended number of hours of sleep per night divided into 9 age categories: from newborns to the ages of 65 plus .

The panel, which worked for two years before forming its conclusions, included six sleep experts in addition to scientists and researchers from a number of fields including pediatrics, neurology, obstetrics and gynecology, and psychiatry.

The researchers were asked to go over 300 contemporary studies that dealt with the ideal sleep time. After analyzing the findings, everyone was asked to say what they think is the appropriate sleeping time for each age group.

“The public can be sure that these recommendations are the best when it comes to sleep duration and optimal health,” announced the National Sleep Association.

Recommended sleeping hours by age

Age category  Recommended number of hours of sleepPrevious recommendation
0-3 months17-1412-18
4-11 months12-1515-14
1-2 years11-14​12-14
3-5 years10-1311-13​
6-13 years9-11 ​11-10
14-17 years10-8​9.5-8.5​
18-25 years9-7New age category
26-64 years9-79-7
65 years and older8-7New age category

too little? dangerous! too much? also!

A 2011 study published in the Journal of the European Heart Association found that people who don’t get enough sleep “have a 48% increased risk of developing or dying from coronary heart disease over a 7- to 25-year follow-up period, and a 15% increased risk of developing or dying from a stroke during that time period.” .

According to studies, too little sleep also increases the risk of diabetes, headaches, and depression, and also damages libido, skin aging, memory , judgment, and reaction time.

And what about too many hours of sleep? It’s not ideal either. In the same study it was found that “those who sleep 9 hours or more on average per night showed a 38% increased risk of developing or dying from coronary heart disease, and a 65% increased risk of suffering a stroke.”

Tips for a good night’s sleep

Are the thoughts flooding your head? Can’t fall asleep? Hey, it happens to all of us. so what are we doing? You can read the  guide to better sleep.

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