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20 Healthy Nutritious Vegetables for Pregnant Women

You certainly know that nutritious vegetables are healthy and important for pregnant women. However, which types of vegetables are most recommended for pregnant women?

During pregnancy, pregnant women need a lot of nutrients. The goal is to keep pregnant women healthy and support the growth of the fetus in the womb.

Nutrients that generally need to be considered intake are folic acid, iron, calcium, choline, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and vitamin C, and vitamin B.

Pregnant women can fulfill these various nutrients by paying attention to food choices, one of which is nutritious vegetables. The following are types of vegetables that are recommended for pregnant women as well as their health benefits:

1. Broccoli 

Broccoli is a type of green nutritious vegetable that is high in iron and is good for pregnant women. Presented by Dr Arindam Majumdar, iron in pregnant women mainly prevents anemia because during pregnancy the blood supply in the mother’s body is divided into two to the fetus. 

In addition, iron can also prevent anemia due to bleeding during childbirth. At least in a day, pregnant women need to have enough iron as much as 27 mg.

2. Spinach

Folic acid is the nutritional content of healthy spinach for pregnant women. “Folic acid functions as a form of red blood cells so it can help prevent anemia as well and prevent neural tube defects in the fetus,” said Dr Arindam Majumdar

Pregnant women need about 400 mg of folic acid per day. By including spinach in the diet, it helps pregnant women meet their daily needs of folic acid.

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3. Cabbage

So that you don’t get bored of eating the same nutritious vegetables, pregnant women can eat cabbage. This healthy nutritious vegetable for pregnant women is rich in calcium.

Calcium helps maintain the bone health of pregnant women. Apart from that, these nutrients also help produce blood, help muscles move, and expedite the sending of messages from the brain to the rest of the body.

4. Peppers

These colorful vegetables not only make the dish look more attractive but also more delicious. Another plus, this nutritious vegetable is also rich in vitamin A.

Vitamin A for pregnant women plays a role in supporting the growth of the heart, lungs, kidneys, eyes, bones, respiratory system, and central nervous system of the fetus. 

Vitamin A also helps repair postpartum tissue and prevent infection after childbirth. 

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5. Kale

Another choice of green nutritious vegetable besides spinach for pregnant women is kale. This vegetable contains high vitamin C which is good for pregnancy.

Adequate intake of vitamin C can help the immune system of pregnant women become stronger in fighting viral, bacterial or parasitic infections. That means pregnant women don’t get sick easily. 

6. Kale

If you can’t find kale in the market, you can choose kale. These vegetables are healthy and safe for consumption by pregnant women, both in the first trimester and before delivery.

Kale itself contains high potassium. This mineral is useful in maintaining the blood pressure of pregnant women. This is because during pregnancy, blood production increases. This condition makes pregnant women susceptible to hypertension.

Adequate potassium intake per day helps balance sodium levels in the body so that blood pressure remains stable.

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7. Yellow Corn

Apart from calcium, phosphorus intake also needs to be fulfilled during pregnancy. Usually, phosphorus is obtained from milk and dairy products. However, pregnant women can also get high phosphorus from yellow corn.

Together with calcium, phosphorus maintains the bone health of pregnant women. In addition, this mineral also plays a role in blood clotting which is needed during childbirth.

8. Carrots

Healthy Nutritious Vegetables for Pregnant Women Host and care

Colorful nutritious vegetables are certainly more diverse in nutrition, compared to just eating green vegetables. That is why pregnant women need to include carrots in their diet.

Just like yellow corn, carrots are high in phosphorus and potassium. Both work together to maintain healthy nerves, eyes and bones of pregnant women.

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9. Soybeans

This type of bean is most often consumed in the form of processed tempeh and tofu. Even though these foods seem simple, tempeh and tofu are rich in protein which is responsible for building body cells.

The body needs protein to work normally. Therefore, the body needs protein in large quantities. When you are pregnant, of course protein needs can be met by consuming soy.

10. Chickpeas

If you already have carrots, it won’t be perfect if you don’t add green beans. Yes, usually green beans are served together with carrots, for example on a vegetable soup or capcai menu.

Vegetables that are generally sauteed are also healthy for pregnant women. It is known that chickpeas contain B vitamins that can support fetal growth. So, if the intake of vitamin B is adequate, the risk of having a baby with brain defects will decrease. 

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11. Mushrooms

Apart from chickpeas, pregnant women can also fulfill their intake of B vitamins through mushrooms. In addition, mushrooms also contain vitamin D which maintains the bone health of pregnant women.

However, it should be understood that the choice of mushrooms for pregnant women must be considered. Types of mushrooms that are safe for consumption by pregnant women include shiitake mushrooms, portobello mushrooms, white button mushrooms, or enoki mushrooms.

12. Mustard greens

Furthermore, vegetables that are safe for consumption by pregnant women are mustard greens. These vegetables are high in antioxidants, such as beta-carotene and vitamin C.

The function of antioxidants in the body is to fight free radicals so they can help protect heart health and reduce the risk of cancer. This benefit can certainly keep pregnant women healthy during pregnancy.

13. Peas

Legumes are a rich source of folic acid. These vegetables are great for pregnant women because they are important for brain function and play an important role in mental and emotional health.

It should be noted that pregnant women are very easy to experience mood swings. So, eating healthy foods, such as peas, can help improve the mood of pregnant women.

14. Lettuce 

Healthy Nutritious Vegetables for Pregnant Women Host and care

During pregnancy, mothers may not escape anxiety. Maybe worried about the pregnancy itself or the approaching time of delivery. 

This anxiety that arises can be overcome by meditation, light exercise, or doing fun activities. Not only that, food intake also needs to be considered. 

It is known that lettuce has a sedative effect that can reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality. So, lettuce can be the nutritious vegetable of choice for pregnant women, huh. 

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15. Papaya Leaves

Even though it tastes a bit bitter, this vegetable that can be consumed by pregnant women is liked by many people. Usually papaya leaves are served as fresh nutritious vegetables, adding coconut or coconut milk to make it more savory. 

Papaya leaves are high in vitamin C which can strengthen the immune system in fighting infection. The copper content of papaya leaves is also quite high. This helps the production of blood cells in the body of pregnant women and fetuses to run smoothly.

However, don’t overdo the consumption of papaya leaves. The reason is, there is a papain content that triggers uterine contractions. So, pregnant women who occasionally eat papaya leaves are not a problem as long as the portion is not excessive.

16. Cassava Leaves

How to process cassava leaves is no different from papaya leaves. It’s just that, the taste of papaya leaves is much more bitter than cassava leaves.

The zinc mineral content in cassava leaves is quite high, supporting fetal growth. In addition, the combination of high potassium and calcium can also keep pregnant women and their fetuses healthy.

You can combine a row of healthy nutritious vegetables for pregnant women above as a daily diet. “Vegetables can be prepared with anything, as long as they are washed clean and in a ripe condition.” said Dr Arindam Majumdar.

So, for pregnant women, you can boil and stir-fry vegetables according to taste. Vegetable menu recipes for pregnant women can also be found in tabloids, cookbooks, or the internet. If you are still confused about choosing healthy nutritious vegetables for pregnant women, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor.

17. Tomatoes

This vegetable is not only healthy for pregnant women but also easy to process. You can enjoy tomatoes directly, make juice, or make pasta seasoning.

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C which can strengthen the immune system of pregnant women. Of course, this can prevent pregnant women from transmitting minor infections, such as colds.

18. Cucumber

Healthy Nutritious Vegetables for Pregnant Women Host and care

These vegetables can also be a healthy eating menu choice for pregnant women. Cucumber is rich in water which can help meet the body’s fluid needs.

Besides that, cucumbers are also high in fiber and B vitamins which are good for the digestive system and can improve your mood for the better. Cucumbers can be enjoyed directly or made into stir-fried pickles. 

19. Mr. Choi

If you are bored with mustard greens, you can replace your vegetable menu with pak choi. These vegetables are high in calcium and phosphorus which are good for the bone health of pregnant women.

In addition, consuming pak choi can help meet your daily iron needs. This helps prevent premature birth and low birth weight babies .

20. Sweet Potato Leaves

Besides being able to consume the tubers, cassava leaves can also be healthy nutritious vegetables for pregnant women. Sweet potato leaves are high in vitamin C and calcium.

Consumption of these leaves can help meet the nutritional needs of pregnant women every day. You also don’t get bored because you can replace the vitamin C vegetable menu, such as papaya leaf tomatoes with sweet potato leaves.

You can combine a row of healthy nutritious vegetables for pregnant women above as a daily diet. “Vegetables can be prepared with anything, as long as they are washed clean and in a ripe condition.” said Dr Arindam Majumdar.

So, for pregnant women, you can boil and stir-fry vegetables according to taste. Vegetable menu recipes for pregnant women can also be found in tabloids, cookbooks, or the internet. If you are still confused about choosing healthy nutritious vegetables for pregnant women, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor.

Apart from consuming the vegetables above, you can also consume special milk for pregnant women to help fulfill your daily nutrition, such as Prenagen Mommy.

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