Benefits of Papaya

13 Proven Benefits of Papaya for Health

Although simple and easy to find, the benefits of papaya are not that simple. Papaya is rich in health benefits.

Papaya fruit is usually consumed as a dessert before or after meals. However, not many people realize that this sweet and fresh fruit has a number of health benefits.

In fact, according to the World Cancer Research Fund International, the regular habit of eating papaya as a dessert is beneficial for warding off various diseases. 

The benefits of papaya cannot be separated from its nutritional content. Papaya contains fiber, folate, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and vitamins A, C, B1, B3, B5, E, and K.

Then, what are the benefits of papaya fruit for health

1. Help Lose Weight


Papaya contains relatively low calories but is rich in fiber. Based on Indonesian Food Composition Data, in 100 grams of papaya, there are 46 calories and 1.6 grams of fiber. 

Therefore, papaya is recommended to help lose weight obese people. The fiber content in papaya can also make the feeling of fullness last longer so that it can limit the desire to overeat.

2. Increases Immunity

Papaya contains many antioxidants that are beneficial for the health of the body, one of which is vitamin C. In 100 grams of papaya, there are 78 mg of vitamin C.

Vitamin C is useful for boosting the immune system so it can help protect you from the risk of disease and infection.

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3. Allegedly Can Prevent Cancer

Several studies have revealed that the antioxidant content in papaya can reduce the risk of developing several types of cancer. 

The antioxidant lycopene in papaya can reduce the risk of oxidative stress that triggers cancer. At the same time, beta-carotene in papaya can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. 

Even so, further research is needed to determine the levels of papaya consumption that are effective in preventing cancer.

4. Improve Heart Health


The next benefit of eating papaya, which is to improve heart health. A study shows that the consumption of fruits high in lycopene and vitamin C, such as papaya, can help prevent heart disease.

5. Lowers the Risk of Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is at the root of many diseases. An unhealthy diet and lifestyle promote this inflammatory process. 

One of the benefits of eating papaya fruit for health is reducing the risk of inflammation. Research reveals the habit of eating fruits high in carotenoids, such as papaya, can reduce the risk of inflammation.

6. Reducing the Risk of Skin Damage

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Excessive free radical activity can cause loose skin, lots of wrinkles, and other damage. The vitamin C and lycopene in papaya protect the skin and help reduce signs of aging.

7. Lowers the Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

The cause of Alzheimer’s disease is not yet known with certainty. However, oxidative stress is believed to contribute to the development of this disease. 

The condition of an imbalance in the number of antioxidants and free radicals in the body is thought to damage brain cells. A study shows that fermented papaya products can reduce the process of oxidative stress in Alzheimer’s sufferers and reduce the rapid development of this disease.

The efficacy of fresh papaya is thought to be similar to fermented papaya. However, further research is needed to confirm this.

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8. Controls Blood Sugar Levels

The benefits of papaya can also be felt by diabetics. Even though it has a sweet taste, papaya fruit has a low glycemic index so it can help control your blood sugar levels. 

Therefore, for those of you who have diabetes, don’t be afraid to eat papaya. 

9. Improve Gastrointestinal Health

The fiber content in papaya is good for the digestive tract so you can be free from constipation problems. Adequate fiber intake every day can also make intestinal activity regular.

10. Reduces Stress

Fruits rich in vitamin C, such as papaya, kiwi, and oranges can help reduce stress on the body. The reason is, vitamin C can help keep the body producing low-stress hormones.

11. Healthy Eyes

In addition to having vitamins C and E, papaya contains a number of other nutrients, such as lutein and zeaxanthin. Both are antioxidants that are useful for maintaining eye health.

Lutein and zeaxanthin can reduce the risk of developing aging diseases in the retina of the eye, aka age-related macular degeneration. 

12. Smooth Digestion

So far, papaya is used to improve digestion. This is because papaya contains fiber, water, and papain enzymes which are easily digested by digestion.

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13. Healthy Hair 

Straighten Hair Naturally Host and care

Not only does it make your skin glow, eating papaya regularly can also make your hair shinier. Papaya is rich in vitamin A, antioxidants, and folic acid which nourishes the scalp and hair strands. Your hair can also be protected from loss, you know!

The benefits of consuming papaya fruit for health are many. Therefore, from now on, add papaya to your daily menu to #Take care of your health.

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