5 treadmill mistakes you must stop making

proform treadmill Mistakes

A treadmill is one of the most popular pieces of equipment in gyms. Our fitness guide has seen how exercisers repeatedly make the same treadmill mistakes, which are harmful to training and health – and he doesn’t want you to repeat them either

Many exercisers hold the handle at the front of the treadmill, under the monitor, with their back tilted back. 
Improper posture can cause back pain.

I have encountered falls from the treadmill due to unnecessary fiddling with the TV channels, with the smartphone or simply due to a lack of concentration.

Many exercisers just get on the treadmill and immediately burst into a fast run without warming up, without their body being ready for this load yet.

Quite a few exercisers get on the treadmill and make mistakes that could cost them dearly. Get the 5 most common errors on this popular device – and tips on how to do it right. 

Treadmill Mistakes: Holding in front and leaning back

What it looks like
You hold the handle on the front of the treadmill under the monitor and your back is tilted back. In many cases this is because the speed or incline is too difficult for the trainees, and holding the handles is their way of holding on.

What’s the problem
Improper posture can lead to unnecessary injuries and pain. Leaning back causes the pelvis to protrude from the front (pelvic displacement), and may cause back pain . 

The right way
is to pay attention to the posture and make sure that the back is above the pelvis and not tilted backwards.

Treadmill Mistakes: lean on the handles on the sides

How it looks
hangs on the handles on the sides of the track and “floats” above the rail. The action causes the body weight to be transferred from the legs to the hands.

What’s the problem?
This levitation may be good for making an impression on the other exercisers (just maybe…), but it makes you miss the essence of walking or running . This is an activity that carries body weight, and this is a notable advantage in regards to contributing to bone density, caloric expenditure, working heart rate and muscular work. In addition, the same “floating” may negatively load the upper limbs.

The right way
does not cut off contact with the ground! If there is any problem that requires you to hold the handles, do not lean on them and certainly do not hang. If the speed is “too much” for you, just slow down. The fact that the rail moves faster does not necessarily mean that the result is better, and just the opposite if you lean on the handles.

Treadmill Mistakes: Rough landing on the surface

How it looks
in this case – how it sounds: a loud noise is heard every time it lands on the rail.

What’s the problem?
Running like this indicates incorrect technique and shocks that are not healthy for the body.

The right way
I don’t have an unequivocal answer. Since the error can be caused by various reasons, it is recommended to consult a guide to correct the running pattern.

Concentrated – but on other things

How it looks
One of the reasons for the great popularity of the treadmill is that you can do other things at the same time – look at your smartphone and especially watch TV.

What is the problem
? Focusing or preoccupied with thinking about other things comes at the expense of concentrating on the activity itself – on breathing and physical effort. This prevents you from getting more out of yourself and reduces the effectiveness of the training.

Most of us find it difficult to do things at the same time – and it can also be dangerous. I have more than once encountered falls from the treadmill due to unnecessary fiddling with the TV channels or due to a lack of concentration.

In addition, if the TV is not positioned well in relation to you (your head is raised up or tilted down), you may feel pain in your neck or back. 

The right way
1. Observe a safety rule or you will find yourself on the floor because you forgot to maintain an appropriate walking pace against the speed of the rail. They still haven’t invented the rail that stops moving when you’re busy with other things…

2. Make sure the TV is positioned in front of you in a horizontal line.

Treadmill Mistakes: Start and finish too quickly

How it looks,
many exercisers just get on the treadmill and immediately burst into a fast run without warming up, without their body being ready for this load yet. Also getting off the track without cooling, when the track speed is high, is not a healthy thing. 

What’s the problem?
Warming up is physical and mental preparation for training. All the studies state that it may contribute to a better, more efficient and higher quality workout. And most importantly – a proper warm-up contributes to a safer workout.

The purpose of cooling is the same as heating – only the opposite: a controlled and gradual decrease in cardiopulmonary output. Sharp changes are more dangerous from a cardiac point of view. A quick descent from the treadmill to the surface may cause dizziness and loss of spatial orientation.

The right way
at the beginning of the activity on the treadmill it is important to make sure to warm up for several minutes, which will include walking on the track. At the end of the activity, it is important to cool down – a moderate walk of several minutes before getting off the treadmill.

Treadmill Mistakes: have you read Beauty! Don’t tear yourself up

Just before you start engaging in physical activity, it is important to adapt it to your health condition – so that you only do yourself good. Do not burden yourself too much at the beginning, and make sure to consult a doctor before starting, and especially before signing up for a gym. Successfully!

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