Fun tip: Relieving stress in mid-life

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Relieving stress is tough. Stress is not good for anyone. Studies indicate the relationship between stress and impairment of quality of life. What can you do to not let the stressful routine get on your nerves?

Entertainment and pampering: buy yourself something you really want, go to a movie, take a bath and make sure to sing something while you’re there. 
It really works.

Express it: write what bothers you three times a week and vent.

Relax with touch: hold hands with the one you love and have a massage every now and then. 
Check it out, then you’ll feel much more relaxed! it should relieving stress.

The effect of stress on our lives is well known. New studies indicate the connection between stress and poor quality of life – from memory loss to failure to lose weight.

There is no shortage of reasons to get stressed. Before the holidays with the preparation for the multitude of family meals, and after the holidays when you have to return to a stressful routine at work and school. Wherever you look, you will see people around you who are tense and a little worried. 

To relieving stress that life causes, you can do some easy things, the great advantage of which is that most of them are very pleasant and enjoyable:

Pamper yourself for relieving stress, what’s up?

Refresh yourself with a new perfume, rich lipstick or beautiful clothes. It turns out that it helps reduce stress for 24 hours from the time of purchase. Sound simplistic? Maybe, but it works. Why? Because it distracts from the problems and the things that bother you and that cause you stress.

Change the screen saver for relieving stress

Looking at a picture of a beautiful white beach, blue sea and matching sky is simply good for the soul. The same goes for a meadow, a dense forest, or any image of stunning nature. Such images stimulate the brain to produce alpha waves – electrical impulses that increase the feeling of peace – and thus relax, without flying all the way to Thailand.

Express the stress

We didn’t ask you to write a diary. All you need is just to take a page and write down what stresses you, three times a week, 15 minutes each time. This simple action may reduce your anxieties about the issues that put you under stress. Syntax, language and grammar are not important. The point is to ventilate your feelings. to release some steam, thereby lowering the level of frustration that has built up inside.

Relieving stress

Sing in the shower

No one asked you to sign up for the auditions of a born star. But when you sing, inhale and exhale naturally, slowly and calmly. And regular breathing, as we know, relaxes the body. How many times have you been told to relax and take a deep breath? This in combination with the warm water flowing over the body – does the work for which we have gathered here today. Oh, and it doesn’t matter at all what song is being sung. The main thing is to breathe deeply and sing enthusiastically.  

To go to a movie for relieving stress

Watching a movie is a wonderful way to relax, clear your head and get a better perspective on all the things that have been bothering you this week. Immersing yourself in the flickering images on the screen allows you to take a break from all worries, and sometimes, after two hours, it’s easier to solve problems. Why? Because after you’ve cleared your head and put them aside, you can look at them objectively.

Go to bed early for relieving stress

Did the clock jump you again this morning? This alone can raise your stress level to the roof! When you wake up shrill again and again (every morning) it stresses the brain like chronic sleep deprivation. Why? Because it shocks the body every time. 

Tip: go to bed in the evening half an hour earlier than usual, instead of turning off the clock again and again in the morning (after turning on the “snooze”) and stealing a few more meaningless minutes under the blanket.

Hold hands for relieving stress

Holding hands with someone you love for a few minutes every day stimulates the brain to produce oxytocin. It is a hormone that also serves as a neurotransmitter that may affect the creation of interpersonal trust and plays an important role in creating relationships. The oxytocin helps calm the amygdala, the same area of ​​the brain that is responsible for the feeling of anxiety. It calms the nerves and reduces blood pressure. Don’t you have someone to hold hands with? Not bad. Cuddling with your beloved pet can help just as much!

have a massage

A light massage for a few minutes each day may reduce the stress hormone considerably. The idea is to lie on your back, relax and scan your whole body. You should start at the head, looking for the aching and tight areas, and only then proceed to the rest of the body. Why? Because when you start a massage, you should immediately go to those painful organs. Releasing those areas will help release endorphin hormones, which relax and improve mood.

To take a bath

Some people prefer a short shower, right? And yet the bath has its own advantages. Relaxing in it for 20 minutes activates the parasympathetic nervous system, a branch of the nervous system that helps calm the brain and reduces the level of cortisone. Cortisone is a steroid hormone secreted by the pituitary gland and is sometimes referred to as the stress hormone because its level increases following mental and physical stress. 

Tip: Just before the immersion, you can brush the dry skin of the body with a long brush with natural fibers for at least five minutes. You should brush your legs, arms and back – this action will stimulate the thousands of nerve endings that work together to calm the nervous system.

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