Author - Dr Subhrajyoti Sil

Avatar photoDr Subhrajyoti Sil Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon: Providing Exceptional Orthopaedic Care. If you are dealing with orthopedic problems such as knee pain or ligament issues, it is essential to seek the services of a qualified and experienced orthopedic surgeon. One such surgeon is Dr. Subhrajyoti Sil.

Who is Dr. Subhrajyoti Sil?
Dr. Subhrajyoti Sil is a consultant orthopedic surgeon. He has extensive experience in his field and is known for his exceptional patient care. He completed his MBBS and MS (Orthopaedics) from the University of Calcutta. He has also completed a fellowship in joint replacement surgery from Germany.

Dr. Sil is an active member of various professional organizations such as the Indian Orthopaedic Association, the West Bengal Orthopaedic Association, and the AO Trauma Foundation.

Services Offered by Dr. Subhrajyoti Sil:
Dr. Sil offers a wide range of services for orthopedic problems, including trauma cases, knee ligament microsurgery, and knee replacement. He provides personalized care to each of his patients and uses advanced techniques to ensure the best possible outcomes.

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