Reduce Heart Disease Risk

Written by Host And Care


Yoga is a traditional Indian practice from 1500 BC. Yoga is physical and mental workout.


Stretching is  for before and workout. It is a practice that helps us loosen our muscles.

15 minute workout daily will reduce cardiovascular risk, which will help you boost your heart health 

Form a daily yoga routine

you need to add a small yoga session at the end of your workout.

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Play Youtube 

Play a youtube yoga workout


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Focus on body

Pick your weakest body part like flexible legs or strong back and train for 15 minutes 


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Start from lower intensity. After few days you can increase it to improve strength.

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best yoga


The most effective Yoga is SUN SALUTATION. This can improve your mental and physical health.

only is yoga enough ?

15 min Yoga is enough for boosting hear health. Along with Yoga you need to do cardio exercise also to improve your heart health.