Anxiety Disorder 

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Anxiety disorders are the most common type of mental health problem affecting adults and children. It is the body’s natural emergency response to danger.

For how long?

Through professional treatment, it is possible to help most people who suffer from an anxiety disorder.



You need to visit for find out.


Family doctor can easily detect it.

How do you diagnose Anxiety disorder

How Are You Treated?

There are two treatment routes: the psychological route and the medication route.

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dynamic method

A long-term dynamic psychological treatment is necessary to get to the root of the problem.

Method of  psychological route

cognitive (behavioral) method

Anxiety attacks can be overcome with focused and short-term treatment and thereby improve the quality of life.

Will It Come Back?

Anxiety disorders can be one-time, but can also recur. The direction of their development depends on the factor that provoked them and the treatment given to overcome them.


Anxiety disorder is not a medical emergency, but it is definitely recommended to seek medical help when a decline in functioning begins. Without treatment, the severe complications mentioned earlier may arise.

Warning Signs That Require An Immediate Visit To The Doctor

How soon will I “come back to myself”?

The psychological treatment can provide a feeling of accompaniment and support from the very first moment,

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Anxiety can become a distressing phenomenon that harms the quality of life. In order to treat it, you need to understand the contexts in which it appears, and you also need to learn how to deal with it and even how to “make friends” with it.

How do you learn to live with anxiety disorders?