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Acid reflux or GERD

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Increased  intra abdominal pressure

Delay in emptying food from the stomach

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–Abdominal or chest pains.

– Difficulty swallowing

– Pain in the throat, feeling    of a lump in the throat, hoarseness and cough.

– Pneumonia. – Nausea and vomiting. – Phlegm and feeling of suffocation at night.

How do you diagnose?

1. physical examination of doctor. 2. Disposal is the experimental  administration of drugs 3. Endoscopy of the upper digestive tract.

Treatment for reflux

1. Ensuring regular physical activity. 2. Avoiding smoking  3. Maintaining a normal body weight. 4. Avoiding spicy, fried and spicy foods 5. Avoiding foods high in fat, caffeine and alcohol

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