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Free Child Care
Free Accommodations
Free Senior Care
Free Meals
Free Tutoring Free Vacation
Free House Care Free Time to Study or Work
>> Free care for your aging parents, your children or your home - exchange your spare bedroom for part time help from a student volunteer
>> A new place to live - volunteer few hours of tutoring, child care, senior care or other services in exchange for a spare bedroom
>> Free and comfortable vacation - do vacation home exchange or vacation hospitality exchange
Advantage for Parents, Homeowners & Elderly


Receive free, part time care in exchange for offering your spare bedroom to a caregiver 

  • Parents: save money on child care, tutoring, summer camps and after school activities
  • Seniors: get free help and companionship at home
  • Disabled: get free help around the house and assistance with all your travel needs
  • Homeowners: save time and money on home care
  • You can always perform a background and reference check to assure safety.
  • Instant Background Checks includes criminal background check, property value, lawsuits, judgments, bankruptcy, liens and much more!                                                                                                                                                      Join us now for free!    
Host & Care Advantage for Travelers


Vacation Home Exchange and Vacation Host Exchange allow you to have free vacation at the destination of your dreams.

Home Exchange enables you to swap your home for my home for vacation.  I vacation in your place while you are vacationing in mine.  

  • Perfect way to travel for larger families, especially those with kids or for people who own second homes. 
  • Details of the agreement are completely up to you and your selected exchanger.  We are simply a conduit that allows you to find each other.  
  • Here comes the best part: it is free.  You save a lot of money avoiding hotel room rentals and restaurant bills.  You can now afford to go to places you only dreamt about. 

Hospitality Exchange allows you to host each other for a short period of time.  

I spend my vacation as your guest in your house and you come to visit me in my house.   

  • Perfect for young or single people who are interested in making new friends, meeting new people, practice or improve their foreign language skills, need flexibility as to their travel dates or live on a budget. 
  • Great way to travel for travelers with special needs.  Disabled or elderly travelers would greatly benefit from having some sort of assistance at their destination. 
  • You can agree with your exchange partner to pick each other up at the airports, serve as a tour guide for each other and much more.  

Join us now for free! 


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Advantage for Students, Singles & Travelers


Receive free accommodations or free room and board in exchange for just a few hours of babysitting, pet sitting, tutoring, ESL tutoring, home care, elderly companionship and similar services 

  • Stop spending money on rent, monthly utility bills and food
  • Move to a new city or state and live rent free until you are ready to be on your own
  • Stay in college and have time to study 
  • Get a part time job and keep all you earn 
  • Conduct stress free job search  
  • Have time for sightseeing, learning a foreign language or culture
  • Help out a family or senior in need
  • You can always perform a background and reference check to assure safety 

      Join us now for free! 

Host & Care

Host & Care  is a free global community that connects students, singles, unemployed and travelers looking for free accommodations with families and seniors looking for care.  Young people provide few hours of free child care, tutoring, elderly or home care in exchange for free accommodations.  Other non cash exchanges, such as house sitting, pet sitting, local service for service exchange and vacation home swaps or vacation hospitality exchange are also available.



Host & Care social network comes with several ways of communication between members: Audio/Video Group Chat, Audio/Video Messenger, one-to-one private messenger with live audio/video streaming, Audio/Video Recorder, Video Player, Shoutbox and a message box.  Groups, forums, polls, events, articles and classified section allow additional user interactions.  You can interact with other members in the safety of our website.  When you find a suitable match you can request a background and reference check from a reputable background check company.  It gives you a peace of mind and provides you with the security and safety you need.  Some background check companies even allow you to run a free background check once a year.  Important thing to remember: never provide your personally identifiable information to anyone.  If you agree to do the background check, you should only provide your personal information to a reputable background check company and never reveal it to other individuals.  

Instant Background Checks includes criminal background check, property value, lawsuits, judgments, bankruptcy, liens and much more!



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